Solution for Terrace

Terrace waterproofing is essential since a roof is always exposed to inclement weather, climatic changes, and rain. Rainwater collects on the terrace surface and eventually begins to seep inside the slab.

Therefore it is recommended to use multiple layers of protection to avoid leakages and for the structure to last a very long time.

Use Darma Mixture when casting the terrace slab to increase the water tightness characteristics of the concrete slab.

Use Darma Flex Plus for locations that will have a floor covering like cement screed (Ferekas) or ceramic tiles. This product will eliminate the need for geo membranes weight and high costs.

Use Darma Flex for locations that do not have a floor covering like cement screed (Ferekas) or ceramic tiles.

Use Darma Premiere + Adhesive and Darma Grout to adhere any tiles if any.

Darma Mixture

We recommend double protection systems for underground basement because the closeness to the water level. Here we can use Darma Mixture to increase concrete’s water impermeability characteristics

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Darma Proof Pro

Drama proof is a two component cement based polymer modified water proofing system, which on application provides an excellent water resistant barrier. It also offers excellent resistance to both positive and negative pressures.

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Darma Flex

Darma flex is polymer modified highly flexible and elastic single component. Ready to use pure acrylic emulsion based water proofing chemical.

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Darma Flex Plus

And we also recommend Darma Flex Plus to create a waterproof barrier instead of geo-membranes.

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