About Grace

Grace Construction Chemical is a leading chemical manufacturing business that has been catering to the construction industry for over seven years. Our products have been available on the Ethiopian market under the brand name Darma, and we have production facilities and sales divisions located throughout Addis Ababa and other regions of the country.

At Grace Construction Chemical, we are committed to producing high-quality goods that provide solutions to everyday problems faced during construction. Our products are not only designed to meet construction needs but are also produced with the vision and understanding of what constructed structures face while in use.

Our years of expertise in the field, coupled with real-world building projects, have allowed us to identify and address every problem encountered during these projects, regardless of its magnitude. Our team of experts draws upon this experience to create innovative solutions and improvements to the construction industry.

Our products have been designed to push the envelope of technological breakthroughs to its absolute limit. We are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve the construction process and make it more efficient, safe, and sustainable.


We are committed to be reachable at your doorstep anywhere in Ethiopia by producing high-quality, environmentally friendly construction chemical products with our cutting-edge manufacturing facility and highly qualified personnel to lowering cost, save time, and enhance the customer satisfaction.


We will be the leader in the Ethiopia's construction chemical sector by 2030.







Our Team


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