Solution for Balcony and Gutters

Waterproofing is necessary to prevent continuous water infiltration into any space beneath the balcony. The waterproofing of balcony surfaces is a crucial step in the construction process for regions susceptible to heavy rain or precipitation.

You can quickly and simply use rollers or brushes to apply flooring-specific waterproofing to finished balcony floors that don’t have cracks or tenting. If you use Darma Proof, Darma Flex or Darma Crystal and follow the directions, the procedure should produce a few millimeters of thickness with no gaps.

Darma Proof

It is a two-component polymer modified cement based cementitious waterproofing coating system, which on mixing and hardening provides an excellent water-resistant barrier.

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Darma Flex

Darma flex is polymer modified highly flexible and elastic single component. Ready to use pure acrylic emulsion based water proofing chemical.


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Darma Flex Plus

And we also recommend Darma Flex Plus to create a waterproof barrier instead of geo-membranes.
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