Solution for Basement

Few things are more important to the health of your home than its capacity to remain dry even in the wettest conditions. When the house includes a basement those dryness requirements are amplified even further Due to the basement’s below-ground level and proximity to the water table

The area outside the house that isn’t attached to the building itself makes up the first protection. One example of this is badly graded soil that directs water toward your home. In this region, you want to stop the water before it even gets to your house.

The exterior envelope of your house makes up the second protection. Here, you’ll want to confirm that the water protection systems are keeping water from entering your home and that the water-elimination systems like perforated pipes are performing as intended.

Darma Mixture

We recommend double protection systems for underground basement because the closeness to the water level. Here we can use Darma Mixture to increase concrete’s water impermeability characteristics

Darma Flex Plus

And we also recommend Darma Flex Plus to create a waterproof barrier instead of geo-membranes.


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Darma Proof Pro

Drama proof is a two component cement based polymer modified water proofing system, which on application provides an excellent water resistant barrier. It also offers excellent resistance to both positive and negative pressures.

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Darma Crystal

It’s a single component, ready-mixed, in-depth crystalline waterproofing compound containing crystals that are essential to block pores.

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